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With the ever-increasing pace of global change and perpetual innovations in every aspect of life, the need for outstanding services and capabilities in the legal field becomes ever more urgent.

Bahar & Partners is dedicated to providing unparalleled assistance and support to clients, embodying high integrity in its diverse arrays of expertise.

“Pursuit of Excellence” is our firm’s philosophy and our words to our esteemed clients.

Our firm is developing in tandem with a dynamic business development. Our joint venture with a Malaysian leading firm, Zulrafique & Partners, under the name of Zulrafique, Bahar & Partners, will be the basis for our expansion as a regional firm. The firm is also a member of AvLaw International, an alliance of aviation legal and technical consultants, which further shows our commitment to the expansion of our services into international market.

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What's New

The amendment of Regulation of Head of BKPM No. 13 of 2015 on Procedure of Income Tax Reduction Facility Application for entities.

Bahar & Partners is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with ZUL RAFIQUE & partners, one of the largest law firms in Malaysia.

In the framework of our contribution and commitment to the development of air and space law in Indonesia, on 28 August 2014, our partner together with aviation experts established BTD Consulting.


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